Competitive Upgrades

Competitive Upgrade
One Time Data Conversion Fee
As Low as $99.00
Export Existing Data
Install & Configure RedTail POS
Add Applicable Add-On Modules
Retire Existing POS System
Enhance Operational Efficiency and Increase Profit

RedTail installers are authorized to provide competitive upgrades for those organizations that are interested in retiring existing POS and business management applications and replacing them with a RedTail solution. Competitive Upgrades are offered to all types of businesses at 30% off (each module).


Costs to Consider:

Planning the upgrade is essential to making a successful transition from one business solution to another. Companies should allow for some time for staff to transition into a more efficient operating environment. It does take time but it is worth the investment. Here are some costs to consider.

  • Potential cost of new hardware and peripherals
    • New PCs, Server, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printers, Bar Code Scanners, Swipe Readers
  • Cost of Data Conversion
    • Review of existing data set format
    • Time involved in performing data conversion
  • Training Costs
    • Employee & Managers
  • Setup Costs
    • Installation & Configuration
  • Support Costs
    • First 60 Days
    • Ongoing Support considerations

RedTail and its resellers provide written quotations based on the review of the software being replaced. Assistance is provided every step of the way to make a successful change to operations.


Hardware Requirements:

  • RedTail SQL Server
    • Computer running Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Higher (64 bit only)
    • Minimum 6GB RAM for standalone installation or small workgroups of 3 PCs or less
    • Recommended 16GB RAM for network operations running up to 15 PCs
    • Recommended 32GB for High Volume POS transactions between 15 and 30 PCs running RedTail workstation modules
    • Free Disk Space to Accommodate Dataset
      • Entirely dependent on transaction volume
        • Estimated 500MB for standalone small volume operations
        • Estimated 3GB for Larger high volume operations with millions of transactions per year and a 7 year saved history
    • Minimum Intel Core I3 8th Generation or equivalent processor
    • Recommended UPS Battery Backup
  • RedTail Workstation
    • Computer running Windows 7, Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit)
    • Minimum 6GB RAM for standalone installation or small workgroups of 3 PCs or less
    • Minimum 8GB RAM for PC running both SQL server (data set) and RedTail workstation modules
    • 300MB free Disk space  for workstation modules
    • Available USB ports for optional peripherals such as CCD Bar code scanner, receipt printer, magnetic swipe reader, touch screen, UPS battery backup
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