Product Design

Intuitive and easy are words that are often used to describe RedTail.

The workplace can be stressful enough without implementing technology that adds a layer of complexity and more anxiety for employees. Add in customer demands and the workplace can suddenly become far too complicated. RedTail's interface brings simplicity back to the forefront. We focused intensely on front end design, removing complexity from the point of sale. We thought of all the small details to yield a smooth and efficient selling experience capable of processing sales in just a few seconds.

Our commitment to ease of use doesn't stop at the front end. We made it just as easy to perform back office functions such as managing inventory, analyzing data and monitoring customer activity. RedTail's tabular main menu guides you to features that any business can use.

We believe that a business management application should not be a necessary expense but instead a valuable tool for making your organization more profitable. We stop short of saying we thought of everything but we have built so many features available at your fingertips.




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