Future Development


Mobile App:
RedTail POS Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of RedTail Connect to include a cross platform mobile app for sales reporting and business analysis. The app will run on Android, iOS and Windows devices and although the official release date has not been announced, it is expected for Q3 2019.


USB Cash Drawer Drawer Kick Codes:
Testing is currently underway for a USB Cash Drawer Trigger. The device provides a drawer kick in environment where no receipt printers exist. The hardware trigger is available at various POS hardware vendors for under $35.00. Once approved, the drawer kick configuration will be added to the RedTail System Configuration Station Setup.


Tablet Development:
Development is currently underway for a second POS screen in tablet mode. There are 4 selling screens - one of them being for tablet. The additional tablet screen will be designed for basic selling with no need for customer information or monitoring of customer sales orders.


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