Inventory Management


The core of any point of sale system is its ability to process sales and manage inventory. Yet inventory management remains a significant challenge among businesses of all sizes.

Many POS apps are advertised as complete inventory management systems but truly fall short in yielding operational efficiency. Either far too complicated or too lightweight many products have companies spending too much time managing inventory.

RedTail engineers spent years in the field, met with customers, designed, developed and revised until they got it right. The result is perpetual inventory control based on an average cost system that delivers true power to its users.

Unlimited SKUs (stock keeping units) can be created, ordered, received, sold and returned with little effort. Whether you are selling a basic product, a serialized item or an inventory kit, the movement of inventory is carefully controlled. Detailed inventory profiles can be maintained with a host of information pertaining to multi level pricing, physical location, stock levels and movement history.

RedTail's CPQ (Cost/Price/Quantity) utility provides for real time stock updating while adjusting item costs during the receiving process.

Integration with RedTail PO further enhances a company's efficiency by placing inventory on purchase orders for better tracking and supply management. As for the PO module - it too seamlessly integrates with RedTail Accounting by not only handling the receiving of inventory but also by creating a supplier payable in the A/P sub ledger.




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