RedTail POS

RedTail POS is our core application, providing seamless integration with all other Add-On modules. Choose from four different selling screens to best suite your workplace.

The blend of power, performance and feel is truly remarkable. Train users in less than 30 minutes and process sales in under 10 seconds.

RedTail Gift Card

Activate, reload and redeem!'s as simple as it sounds. Whether you run it as a standalone app or add it right in to our POS application, there's no better solution for offering a gift card program.

Your customers will love the lifetime card history available via email or print with the press of a button.

RedTail Time Clock

Add time clock management to your daily routine by having users clock in and out from shift. Employees can view their hours in a given pay period and even check out historical activity.

Compare wages to sales and monitor that key indicator for proper staffing and increasing profitability.

RedTail Accounting

Get rid of duplication by not having a separate back office accounting package for the other components  of your business. The Accounting module is equipped with General Ledger, A/R and A/P sub ledgers,  auto liking to all other RedTail modules, and complete financial reporting.

Accountants do have their preferences but time and time again we save our customers time and money with increased efficiency and streamlined operations.

RedTail Service Ticketing

Create service tickets for repairs, service work, and warranty on items including those that contain serial numbers. Employees can track the status of each ticket, tag other staff members to the ticket for assistance and effortlessly drop the ticket into RedTail POS as a customer sales order.

Tickets can be recalled at any time allowing users to read up on past service ultimately delivering improved customer service.

RedTail PO

Replenishing inventory can sometimes feel like a daunting task. However, RedTail PO allows users to order inventory with step by step tracking and better access to historical item information. Customers do not need to worry about whether or not a particular item is being ordered for them. Users can add items directly from the point of sale so they don't forget to place an order.

RedTail RMA

Work with your suppliers to manage damaged goods and items returned by your customers. The Return Merchandise Authorization procedure provides seamless integration with the inventory management system, as well as with the general ledger in the RedTail Accounting module.

This level of integration provides an added layer of tracking essentially streamlining your inventory and management processes.

RedTail Add-On Modules

RedTail Add-Ons are custom modules that are designed to meet the needs of specific business environments. They provide seamless integration with RedTail POS resulting in perfect fit for your industry.


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