Project Costs Associated with Implementing a POS and Business Management System:

When considering a new software system, whether its replacing an existing one or implementing POS technology to your organization, certain costs should be considered. Aside from the obvious ones being the cost of the software and related equipment, there are also other costs to the business. Most companies do incur employee training costs. Both managers and employees need to be trained in various aspects of the system. Fortunately, this is something we considered in our intuitive and easy to use design. Regardless, it takes some time for users to become comfortable with new processes and new ways of doing things. As an owner, be patient - investment in training pays off.


Planning Your POS Install or Upgrade:

Of course it goes without saying that proper planning can go a long way when it comes to implementing new technology into your business. Yet, lack of planning is often a contributing factor to increased workplace stress and even chaos. It may be wise to plan your new install during slower periods in your operation. For instance, maybe the winter months represents the slowest time of the year in terms of customer purchases. Implementing a new system as a winter project may be a good first step in the planning process. Monitoring your employees, making sure they are learning the new system and have a solid grasp on the selling screen is also good practice. Determining whether or not you will need a RedTail representative with you on launch day (the day where the system goes to Live mode) is also something that can be part of the plan. As an owner, be prepared - planning pays off.


Setup Period vs. Live Mode:

When RedTail is installed, it is automatically set to Configuration Mode to allow users to setup a list of RedTail Users, Stations, Security Settings, Printing and other related tasks. When such tasks have been completed the system gets switched from Configuration Mode to Live mode. A Getting Started wizard is available to assist users in switching modes. Businesses should allow for the time it takes to go Live. The time required to make the transition depends on the type of business, but 30 days is a typical timeline. A common reason for a longer transition is often related to inventory and the creation of inventory SKUs. Regardless, we encourage all businesses to set a transition schedule and stick to it. Taking the time to get it right and launch your new POS correctly is well worth it.Employees will thank you for it and the level of workplace stress will be greatly reduced. As an owner, take the time to get things right - it will pay off.

Do I Really Need Product Support:

This is probably the most common question we receive. In every business environment, when it comes to implementing new technology product support is necessary. Regardless of the software and related technology you choose, getting your system up and running requires some expertise. Whether it's answering some basic questions or giving step by step instruction on a particular procedure, all companies look for assistance in one way or another.

Typically, businesses require support during the first 60 days. After that time, the need for support diminishes often causing businesses to reflect on whether or not ongoing support is necessary. The best advise we can offer is to implore business owners to to ask themselves - What is the level of tolerance with respect to downtime. Without a support agreement RedTail resellers may not be immediately available to assist with troubleshooting or failed equipment. This may be acceptable in certain environments. However, if time truly is money some kind of support agreement should be considered.


How Do I Make Money With RedTail:

RedTail is capable of running so many parts of an operation. It provides key indicators for for sales, gross margin, customer trends. However, in some cases, businesses simply focus on using the system to process sales. While our software brings simplicity to several tasks once deemed as daunting, it is often under utilized. We encourage users to not only use the software for performing day to day tasks but also to run analysis to make better informed decisions. Making better decisions is a proven strength that leads to a better bottom line. Knowledge truly is power.


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