Why RedTail?

  • RedTail is capable of running in the most demanding environments
  • It transforms small independents into competitive powerhouses with superior tracking capabilities and a wealth of real time information
  • It elevates larger companies by improving efficiencies and streamlining business processes for a better bottom line
  • It takes care of the many daily routines, allowing more time to be spent with customers
  • It reduces employee and managerial training costs since both front counter and back office functions are extremely easy to use
  • Users love to talk about how they can retrieve so much information at the point of sale to process sales in a matter of seconds
  • It's QuickTouch selling screen is loaded with so many intuitive features to deliver more than just basic selling with no added complexity
  • It's extensive reporting capability strengthens confidence in making important business decisions


There are plenty of reasons to use RedTail and you can do your own full evaluation

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